1/10 Fazon Voltage 2WD Mega RTR


FEATURES: Chassis: Molded plastic, gray in color, incorporates front and rear
shock towers, gearbox, motor mount and upper suspension mounts,
mid motor chassis design protects motor from dirt and water
Drive: Rear wheel
Transmission: Ball bearing equipped, metal dogbones
gears and differential outdrives, steel axles with molded
composite drive cups, 12mm industry standard hexes, 48 pitch
pinion and spur gear
Suspension: Double wishbone front and rear
Radio: Arrma ARX-101 with dual rate steering, throttle end points
throttle and steering trims, ADS-5 SRS steering servo with 70
oz-in torque
Motor: Brush equipped, 540 size 16 turn, three motor mounting
positions to allow the use of three pinion sizes
Electronic Speed Control: 3-in-1 SRS combines ESC, receiver and
electronic control for the servo (standard 3-wire servo can also be
plugged into the unit if driver wants to use a different servo)
SRS unit is compatible with 2S LiPo, 2-6 cell Li-Ion, & 6-cell
NiMH batteries, battery types switchable with jumper, 2-stage low-
voltage cutoff for LiPo, Li-Ion, and single stage cutoff for
NiMH batteries
Shocks: Oil-filled at factory with 350cst silicone shock oil,
equivalent to around 30wt shock oil from other manufacturers
Steering: Fixed links with servo saver
Battery: Two INR18650P Li-Ion cells
Battery Charger: 110V wall type
Battery Tray: Holds up to six Li-Ion 18650 cells, 2S LiPo pack or
6-cell NiMH stick pack, side loading design-battery is held in
place by pivoting door on chassis-no pins or clips to lose,
integrated T-plug provides connection to SRS unit when using
lithium ion cells
Body: Trimmed and printed
Wheels: Multi spoke
Tires: dBoots Dirtrunner ST ribbed front, treaded rear
Caster: Non-adjustable caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the
Camber: Non-Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the
tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
Warranty: Two year limited warranty beginning at date of purchase

INCLUDES: Assembled Fazon Voltage Mega SRS Speed Truck with Radio, 3-in-1
SRS Unit, Trimmed Body, Battery, Charger and Instruction Manual

REQUIRES: AA Batteries: Four for transmitter

In stock (can be backordered)



This is the Radio Controlled, Electric Powered 1/10 Scale
Fazon Voltage Mega SRS Speed Truck from Arrma.


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