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When I saw the review on this plane I was excited to purchase it after receiving it I was a little skeptical on its ability to perform how I would like it too after flying about 20 batteries through this plane I am really starting to enjoy it and it’s special features I recommend this plane to anybody

This is my first micro ever, and I couldn’t be happier. It flew straight and true right out of the box. I love the 3 modes it has. I flew a flight on each one and all 3 offered some excitement. Today I put on 12 flights at my local park. The last 2 flights I landed in my hand. It was that easy! The only thing better than this plane would be to have another one on standby.
the best plane ever and very fun to fly but I broke the propellers because the wind was too strong and flew into a tree and they didn’t even make the spare parts for the plane yet because its so new and I can’t wait till they do make the spare parts so I can fly it again, but other than that its very fun to fly
This plane went together so fast, everything fit perfectly and there was really not much to assemble. FMS just gets better and better. I have 2 of their 1450mm P-51’s and they too are a real pleasure to fly. This plane has lots of power, fly’s very smooth and scale and is just overall a real gem. Thanks to the folks at Force RC and to FMS. Keep up the fantastic work.